Schnucks Bakery Bagels
Fresh Bagels

Our bagels are baked fresh in each store, each morning by our Bakery Teammates. We offer a large variety of flavors every day and a selection of specialty seasonal bagels throughout the year. Bagels are great with cream cheese, a little butter and are even great by themselves.

Serve a bagel platter at your next meeting or treat yourself to a fresh bagel.

Plain Onion
Wheat Egg
Garlic Cinnamon Raisin
Blueberry Rye
Cherry Oat
Apple Cinnamon Jalapeno
Garden Vegetable Pumpernickel
Sprouted Wheat Chocolate Chip
Orange Cranberry * Pumpkin *
French Toast  
* Seasonal Product. Call for availability.
Please Note: All products listed on this page are subject to change, availability (by location, date and time). Bakery products are made fresh!
If you are planning an event and need items special, please call the store directly to place an order. Not all bakery items are listed, talk to a Schnucks Bakery Teammate if you are looking for a specific product. Thank you for shopping with us!