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December 3, 1997

Eliminate Holiday Hassle: Evansville Area Residents Can Now Shop On-Line at Schnucks' Home Shopping Club

EVANSVILLE -- Schnuck Markets, Inc. is introducing its Home Shopping Club on-line shopping service to Evansville area residents on Dec. 8. The Schnucks Home Shopping Club is the area's first full-scope, on-line grocery shopping service. The service allows customers to select and arrange for direct home delivery of more than 15,000 products available at area Schnucks. Customers can access the Home Shopping Club through the Schnucks home page at

The service area includes zip codes 47708, 47710, 47711, 47712, 47713, 47714, 47715, 47720, 47629 and 47630. The area includes more than 77,265 households with a population of nearly 195,000 residents.

Schnucks Home Shopping Club was first introduced in mid-June to customers in St. Louis, where Schnucks headquarters is located.

"We are very excited to expand our Home Shopping Club service to customers in Evansville," said Scott C. Schnuck, president and chief operating officer of Schnucks. "We have had inquiries about this service and are pleased to bring Evansville customers on-line in time for the holidays."

On-line shopping for groceries is expected to explode in the coming years. "Experts predict that somewhere between three percent and 15 percent of grocery shopping will be done on-line within three years. Since today's sales in the nation's grocery industry total about $300 billion, that tells us the demand potential for this on-line service could be extremely large," said Schnuck.

The Home Shopping Club offers first-time users a step-by-step guide to placing an order. The "Frequently Asked Questions" answers many of the most popular questions customers have when using the service.

Customers visiting the on-line Schnucks will find their favorite products in the same department as at their neighborhood Schnucks. Orders can be delivered the same day for $14.95 if placed by 11 a.m. or the next day for $9.95 per order if ordered by 7 p.m. Customers can select from delivery times of 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. On-line shoppers can pay with credit card when ordering or by check upon delivery. Schnucks uses the latest encryption technology to ensure personal information, such as a credit card number, is not intercepted by a third party. Schnucks Home Shopping Club delivery staff will wear Home Shopping Club shirts for easy identification.

Since introducing the service, Schnucks has added several features suggested by users to make the service easier and quicker to use. A "Search" function helps customers find a product when they do not know what "department" stocks it. Customers also can instantly build a "favorites" list as they shop. Most product listings include a full-color product photo to facilitate selection.

"The leading category of user for Schnucks Home Shopping Club are members of two-income households stretched for time," said Larry Maggio, director of marketing services. Schnucks' experience matches research that shows three out of four on-line shoppers are women and most are between 25 and 50 years old. About half of all on-line users have children under 18 and even more work in management positions. "Senior citizens also use the service a lot," said Maggio. "That number would probably be higher if more seniors had computers."

Schnuck said he has been pleased with the number of customers using the service. "The percentage of our customers using the service is small compared to the number of in-store shoppers, but we are seeing continued growth in use. Best of all, we believe we are helping many of our customers ease time management stress and transportation dilemmas," said Schnuck.

The Home Shopping Club is the latest addition to the Schnucks home page, launched in May 1996. Since then, nearly 1,700 Internet users have visited the home page each month, including hundreds of shoppers making floral purchases. Also, the Schnucks home page was selected from 10,000 sites as one of the Top 100 Web sites by Computerworld, a leading computer technology journal. In addition to the Home Shopping Club, the Schnucks home page offers other features, including: