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December 28, 1999

Schnuck Markets Meeting Intense End of Year Consumer Demands Sales Indicate More Home Parties; Consumers Stocking up for Y2K Champaign and Bottled Water Demand Both up 48%

If grocery sales are any indication, more people will be ringing in the new year at home. Schnuck Markets reports a surging demand for New Year's Eve party items since Thanksgiving. Among the hottest selling items are champaign (up 48%), shrimp, beef tenderloin and party supplies.

In addition to the heavy demand for New Years Eve parties, consumers are also stocking up on staples for Y2K. Demand is up for bottled water (48%), batteries (28%), candles (26%) and canned vegetables, meats, soups, fish and flashlights (all up 20%). There has also been an increased demand for oil lamps and oil.

Schnucks buyers have purchased extra product for their warehouses and stores to meet additional customer demand. In addition Schnucks has its own bakery, dairy, pharmacy warehouse and transportation fleet, so that stores can be re-supplied with fresh product within hours.

Schnucks has spent four years upgrading its entire computer network to ensure that it is Y2K compliant. The company has also worked closely with its suppliers to ensure that stores are restocked in a timely fashion to meet consumer demand. The company expects business as usual when the year 2000 arrives.