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June 27, 2000

Schnuck Markets Prepares to Staff Stores in Event of Strike

ST. LOUIS - Schnuck Markets Inc. will begin advertising tomorrow for checkers and clerks to work as temporary employees in 60 St. Louis area stores in case of a strike by employees belonging to the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 655. Schnucks' decision to advertise came only after receiving a notice from UFCW Local 655 that its contract extension will expire at 10 a.m. on Friday, June 30. Members previously authorized the union to strike.

"We still are very hopeful that our employees will ratify the contract, which offers the highest wage increases of any major metropolitan area UFCW contract in the country since January 1999. It also guarantees maintenance of employees' excellent health care program, which is funded totally by Schnucks," said Craig D. Schnuck, chairman and chief executive officer. "But based on the union's contract cancellation and members' strike authorization, we feel we have no option but to make plans to temporarily staff our stores so we are able to continue serving our customers. We regret that we must make these preparations."

Schnucks will be hiring full-time and part-time employees. The full-time rate of pay will be $11.15 per hour, the same starting wage as the minimum full-time rate in Schnucks' new contract proposal.

Prospective temporary employees may apply on-line at or by emailing their name, phone number, zip code and indication of being over 18 years of age to Additional information is available at 314/344-9200.

Schnuck Markets, Inc. currently operates 93 stores in Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. The family-owned company was founded in St. Louis in 1939.

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