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June 8, 2002

Schnucks Introduces Exotic Produce into the Melting Pots of American Consumers

Frieda's Foods Demonstration Highlights the "Possibilities of Produce"

ST. LOUIS - - Karen Caplan, author of The Purple Kiwi Cookbook will host a book signing and cooking demonstration at the Schnucks store at 10275 Clayton Road (Clayton and Lindbergh) from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, June 28 and 29.

Caplan is president of "Frieda's, Inc.," the nation's premier distributor and marketer of specialty produce. Leading the company for more than 25 years, Caplan plans to teach Schnucks customers about the many possibilities of cooking with the more exotic fruits and vegetables.

The presentation will include food sampling, giveaways, recipes and cooking tips. In addition to the now more common names like cilantro, fennel and golden nugget squash, Kaplan will also "name drop" specialties like, elephant garlic, jicama (hee-ka-mah), donut peaches and daikon (di-kan).

Mike O'Brien, Vice President of Produce Operations for Schnucks said, "Karen will demonstrate how to use some of the more exciting produce items now available to consumers." He explained, "As more people travel and eat in restaurants abroad and as people of different ethnicity's relocate to the United States, they bring back tastes for exotic produce and vegetables which they hope to see in their grocery stores. In many cases, we learn from them."

O'Brien points out that it's not the apple or orange, but rather the mango that is actually the world's number one most consumed fruit. "People who hail from South America, Haiti and Cuba use the mango in many recipes. As Schnucks brings them in, people who are born and raised here try them and expand their cooking horizons."

Caplan's The Purple Kiwi Cookbook sells for $9.99 at all Schnucks stores and can be found in the produce sections. The book's title pays tribute to Frieda Caplan who is credited with naming the "kiwi" fruit (formerly called the Chinese Gooseberry) and introducing it along with a host of other specialty produce items to American cooks. The 128-page, full color book includes information on 58 items in more than 120 simple, easy to make recipes.

For recipe ideas, a sneak preview of the book and more information about the Caplans, please check the Internet for