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Schnuck Markets, Inc.

July 19, 2002

Jefferson City Schnucks Team Gears Up for August 20th Grand Opening

ST. LOUIS -- Craig Schnuck, chairman and chief executive officer of Schnuck Markets, Inc. of St. Louis, today announced that the Jefferson City Schnucks store will be open for business at 9 a.m., Tuesday, August 20.

Construction on the Capital Crossing Schnucks, located at 1801 Missouri Blvd. (at the intersection of Southwest and Missouri boulevards), is now in the final phase. The 62,000-square-foot facility will be the anchor for the new Capital Crossing community shopping center.

Schnuck said, "We are pleased to be able to bring to the people of Jefferson City the kind of quality, variety and service that their Columbia neighbors have come to expect from Schnucks." He added, "Jefferson City is not only getting a new grocery store, it's getting a store that is conveniently located at the heart of a retail center that will include additional goods and services to round out the shopping experience."

Schnuck says prior to selecting this location, the company had considered other possibilities. However, the Capital Crossing site was deemed the most attractive option because it's located at a major intersection, just minutes away from downtown and easily accessible to the entire community.

John Marquart, formerly manager of the Schnucks store in Columbia, is familiar with the area and is looking forward to stepping into his new role as manager of the Jefferson City location. "I hope to personally greet as many people as possible over the course of our grand opening week. We've got some fun activities planned for families, and there will be free food samples offered throughout the store."

Marquart will be joined by three Columbia store co-workers. Scott Caldwell will be the new co-manager, Chris Urban will be the new customer service manager and Edwin Nichols will be the meat department manager. To date, more than 50 percent of the store's 200-member team has been hired. "The response to our advertisements has been tremendous. We'll soon begin training our new associates and getting them acquainted with the store and the Schnucks philosophy."

According to Marquart, Schnucks has long been known for its fine quality and large variety of perishables. In Jefferson City, fruits and vegetables will be showcased in an area of the store that resembles an open-air market, featuring high ceilings for a dramatic look.

The store also will include a full-service florist, in-store pharmacy and bakery specializing in custom cake decorating. Added conveniences include a cold beverage bar, a deli more expansive than any in the area, a hot and cold food and salad bar with a separate cash register station and a seating section.

The meat department will feature top-quality Certified Angus Beef, and customers will be able to request custom cuts of beef and buy chicken by the piece. This is particularly attractive to small families or those who live alone.

Marquart says customers will find tremendous variety in product lines throughout the store. "For instance, in the dairy case, you will find old favorites like Central Dairy ice cream sold along with name brands and the Schnucks Select brand of award-winning ice creams."

There will be a wide selection of ethnic products, spices and seasonings. A sushi bar, Marquart explained, will offer prepared sushi rolls of seasoned rice served with another component and wrapped in seaweed. "It generally includes vegetables, but sometimes crab, shrimp, smoked or raw fish."

Marquart believes that Schnucks pricing will also stack up well with customers. "You won't need to bother with any type of discount card. We will run hot features on a regular basis." He added, "Our trademark `Wall of Value' will feature weekly specials, `Special Buys' and `Price Breakers' as advertised."

Four self-checkout lanes will be added to allow customers the option of scanning their own express-size orders. "The lanes are being installed simply for the customer's convenience. They have proven to be popular with the walk-in lunch crowds in other stores," said Marquart. "We believe it's our job to make grocery shopping easy."

Marquart announced that colleague Bill Chrisco, formerly store manager in Alton Ill., will become the new Columbia Store Manager. He will be assisted by Co-Manager Ron Yamnitz.

Schnuck Markets, Inc. currently operates 103 stores and 92 in-store pharmacies in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Mississippi. This includes five stores that operate as Logli Supermarkets and the stand-alone Sentry drug store. Schnuck Markets, Inc. is currently ranked 83rd on Family Business Magazine's list of 150 largest family companies.

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Schnucks Store Manager John Marquart Joins the Jefferson City Community

ST. LOUIS -- John Marquart, manager of the Jefferson City Schnucks, is a 1974 graduate of Hazelwood Central High School in St. Louis. He pursued his career in the food industry while working toward a business degree from Lindenwood College.

Marquart joined Schnuck Markets, Inc. in 1973 as a courtesy clerk in the company's Dellwood store. He left for a short time to join his father in a family retail venture in Washington, Mo. When he returned in 1978, he earned promotions to management positions in various St. Louis-area Schnucks locations.

In July 1994, he was assigned to the Columbia store. Jefferson City, however, will be the first time Marquart has been able to open a brand new store and watch its construction from the ground up. He said, "I already feel a certain amount of pride and ownership in the store. It's going to be a beautiful facility, and I am looking forward to managing it."

Marquart, his wife, Kathy and their son, Jonathon, 12, are excited about putting down roots in Jefferson City. Marquart plans to get involved immediately in the community. For many years, Marquart has been a strong supporter of the United Way and plans to lead his store as a United Way Pacesetter for the Jefferson City campaign. "I really believe in the program, and I am ready to help." He added, "I am lucky to be a part of a company that takes such pride in community partnership."

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