Lori O. Willis, Director of Communications

Schnuck Markets, Inc., (314) 994-4602

December 9, 2002

Schnucks Receives First Shipments of Over-the-Counter Claritin

ST. LOUIS -- The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced the approval of Claritin as an over-the counter (OTC) allergy drug product.

Claritin currently is the nation's most widely prescribed allergy medication. Richard W. Zahn, president of Schering Laboratories, the U.S. pharmaceutical and OTC marketing arm of Schering-Plough says, "The availability of Claritin as a non-drowsy, original prescription-strength OTC antihistamine represents an important new treatment option for the estimated 20 million Americans who choose to treat their allergies with a non-prescription medication."

This week, the company will begin shipping Claritin to retailers and consumers across the country. Schnucks Director of Pharmacy, Curtis Hartin, says Schnucks warehouse will receive its first shipment after midnight on Dec. 9. Hartin estimates the medication will be in all metro area Schnuck stores by late morning on Monday. Later that day, shipments will be received in Schnucks stores in other parts of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Mississippi and Tennessee.

"Schnucks is very excited about the opportunity to bring more effective allergy relief directly to customers who want to relieve their allergy symptoms without the side effects of drowsiness, " said Hartin. Over the years, consumers, particularly those in jobs requiring a high level of alertness (truckers, air traffic controllers, physicians and others), have been loyal to Claritin. In fact, recent figures indicate that Claritin currently accounts for half the total of all allergy medicine sales across the industry.

Hartin says timing is right for this move as customers are still in need of allergy medications, and even as we move into winter, sales are strong. (Allergens, such as molds, dust mites, animal dander can cause symptoms year-round.)

Schnuck Markets, Inc. currently operates 102 stores and 93 pharmacies in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Mississippi and Tennessee. The company is listed 83rd in the Forbes Magazine listing of the nation's "Top 500 Private Companies." The family-owned company was founded in St. Louis in 1939.

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