Contact: Lori O. Willis

Director of Communications


June 25, 2003

Schnucks Pharmacy Introduces "Smart Rx Caps"

Digital Prescription Bottle Caps Remind Customers to Take Medicine on Time

ST. LOUIS -- Remembering when to take medications can get confusing, particularly when you have multiple prescriptions. But, for people battling life-threatening illnesses or taking maintenance medicines, timing is often critical.

In an effort to promote the importance of taking medications on time, beginning Wednesday, June 25, Schnucks plans to distribute thousands of free "Smart Rx Caps" to customers throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.

According to Curtis Hartin, Schnucks director of Pharmacy, these "time capsules" look like standard prescription bottle caps but have a digital clock built into the design. "When the cap is locked into place, the clock starts a count that will show how much time has elapsed since the bottle was last opened," said Hartin.

Smart Rx Caps, manufactured by DidUminders Corporation, will fit Schnucks prescription bottles and can be transferred over and over again. Experts predict the caps will enhance safety for all patients, but particularly for those suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes or other diseases that require timely medication.

Hartin added, "Just like dated pill boxes, the digital readout helps to take the guesswork out of self medication and minimizes the chances of accidental overdoses or missed doses." Hartin says the caps are reliable, but customers should make sure the clock is activated when the cap is tightened and that the bottle is not dropped. The Smart Rx Caps are child proof when secured.

The digitized caps will be issued free (one per family) while supplies last. After that, multiple caps will be made available at all metro area Schnucks Pharmacy locations at a minimal cost along with an upgraded version that beeps when it's time to take the next dose.

Schnuck Markets, Inc. currently operates 100 stores and 93 pharmacies in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Mississippi. This includes five Logli Supermarkets. Schnucks, a family-owned company founded in 1939, is currently ranked 83rd in Forbes Magazine's list of the nation's "Top 500 Private Companies."

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