Contact: Lori Willis

Director of Communications


July 23, 2003

Schnucks Mid-South Stores Continue to Serve Customers in Storm's Aftermath

Day Two of Power Outage

ST. LOUIS - All Mid-South area Schnucks stores and pharmacies remain open to serve customers despite widespread power outages caused by severe storms that moved through the area on Tuesday.

According to Division Manager Karen Tolan, stores at Perkins, Truse, Southaven and most recently, Cordova, Bartlett, Horn Lake, Germantown and Forest Hill now have full power and are all experiencing rushes of customers stocking up on emergency supplies. These stores will observe normal hours of operation (6 a.m. to midnight).

Three other stores (Union, Shelby and Quince) remain open for business but are operating on back-up power from generators. Refrigerated storage trucks and dry ice have been deployed to those stores to provide storage for perishable items. In the interest of customer safety, stores without power will close at 8 p.m.

Schnucks Food Safety Director Dianna Pasley is on hand to monitor product quality. "No perishables are currently being sold at the affected stores. Refrigerated trucks and dry ice are being used to preserve product temperature," Pasley explained. "As power is restored, it is my responsibility to go to each location and to make determinations on what is salvageable and what should be discarded." She added, "No matter how long the power outage lasts, customers can always be assured that Schnucks will sell only top quality, fresh product."

Pasley suggests that residents without electricity monitor their refrigerator and freezer temperatures closely and limit the number of times the doors are opened. "It's important to remember that any perishable products that have been at a temperature of 41 degrees (known as the danger zone) for four hours or more should be disregarded," Pasley warned.

Schnucks continues to send truckloads of emergency supplies into the area. Customers are buying water, ice, flashlights, batteries, sterno, grills, disposal cameras and film to cope with a power outage some predict will last through the week.

Schnuck Markets, Inc. currently operates 100 stores and 93 pharmacies in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Mississippi. This includes five Logli Supermarkets. Schnucks, a family-owned company founded in 1939, is currently ranked 83rd in Forbes Magazine's list of the nation's "Top 500 Private Companies."

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