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Director of Communications


March 2, 2006

Arsenal Schnucks Soon to Get "A Taste of Italy"

New specialty food section for Hill-area patrons to debut in spring

ST. LOUIS - A new take on the traditional grocery floor plan at the Arsenal Schnucks gives the traditional prepared foods department "the boot" so to speak! The engineering team of Schnuck Markets, Inc. has redesigned the area around a new concept called "A Taste of Italy."

The store, located at 5055 Arsenal, will soon boast a new full-service food area that will include a large variety of authentic Italian foods and recipe ingredients that will remind some of the old country while providing others a new alternative to eating out.

Store Manager Tom Collora said, "I am really excited about `A Taste of Italy,' which we hope will become a destination point for many in the neighborhood. An extensive remodel is now underway, and by April, customers will be able to pick up a larger variety of authentic Italian foods right here at Schnucks."

In addition to the new food section, the remodel will include a new décor package that will mimic the look of some of the newer Schnucks stores in the area (Cottleville, Eureka and Bridgeton), including more modern and energy efficient refrigeration cases and expanded perishable sections. "Many of the planned updates have come from suggestions we have taken directly from our customers over the years," said Collora. "By the time our engineering team is finished, it will look like a completely different store."

Collora is among the third generation of his family to live on the Hill. He explains that, like his store's signature Italian sandwiches, this remodel is just another example of how Schnucks stores are often customized to fit the needs of a particular community.

"We (at Arsenal) are known for having developed five Italian-style specialty sandwiches including the Schnucks King of the Hill (a flavorful combination of Italian bread, meats and cheeses), which is now offered company wide," said Collora, who still insists that his sandwiches be wrapped in paper to preserve the freshness of the Italian breads. These projects are examples of how Collora and his team work to set Schnucks Arsenal apart from competitors in providing service to customers.

Collora's ability to serve customers was put to the test recently when the city closed the Arsenal Bridge, which served as the main artery for the store's walking customers. "The loss of the bridge also means that we have lost our main store entrances but we are still operating on a secondary street (Hereford)," said Collora.

But, Collora explains, Schnucks has found a way to make the best of the situation.

"While the new bridge is being built we are offering our customers in the 63109, 63110 and 63139 zip codes the opportunity to use our Express Connection Internet Home Shopping service for $5.00, a $7.50 discount off our regular rate for next-day delivery." That discount is effective immediately and will run until the bridge is reopened which, city officials estimate will be Oct. 7, 2006. In the meantime, Collora will oversee the remodel and construction of "A Taste of Italy."

Founded in St. Louis in 1939, Schnuck Markets, Inc. currently operates 102 stores (including five Logli stores) and 99 pharmacies in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Mississippi and Iowa.

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