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March 30, 2007


Schnucks Partners With Caption Midwest to Offer Closed-Caption Commercials


            ST. LOUIS – Company leaders for Schnuck Markets, Inc. today announced that on April 2, Schnucks will become the first local grocery retailer to offer closed-caption commercials.  The new service, to be made available to Schnucks customers in all markets in which they advertise, originates from a partnership with St. Louis-based Caption Midwest.

Schnucks Vice President of Advertising Joyce Reese explains, “Whether it’s news about our foods, services or our new low prices, we are excited that our hearing impaired customers will now be able to read on the screen exactly what others are hearing.  This means they will receive a more complete message that communicates more clearly what Schnucks has to offer.”

Executive Director at the Centers for Hearing and Speech Rita Tintera said, “Approximately 10 – 12 percent of the total St. Louis area population is hearing impaired.  Statistics say that in a viewing audience of people 65 or older, one in three experiences hearing loss.  After age 85 – that increases to about half.”

Tintera added, “Children with hearing loss need all the visual stimulation they can get when it comes to learning our written language.  In all age groups, closed-captioning helps to reinforce the messages on television.”

Vice President of Caption Midwest George Mahe agreed, “Retailers, like Schnucks, go to a lot of trouble to create engaging graphics as part of their 30-second spots.  In the past the large black captioning box did not allow for that.  However, now we have a lot more freedom to move the box anywhere on the screen.”

Mahe says captioning also can be a great tool for those who are learning to read or for whom English is a second language.  “More people also are pushing their caption buttons for help in studying the language or simply for the convenience of maintaining a quiet environment,” he said.

“People in noisy restaurants or gyms are also using closed captioning, but the service generally stops on commercials.  When commercials are more ‘talk’ and less graphic, it can create an information blackout for those who are relying on the printed word,” Mahe said.  “Schnucks will be providing a tremendous service by making closed-captioning available to their customers.”

Caption Midwest is famous for high-quality closed captioning with the fastest turnaround in the industry.  Caption Midwest also offers DVD subtitling, transcription and translation with superior quality and service.

Founded in St. Louis in 1939, Schnuck Markets, Inc. operates 101 stores (including five Logli stores) and 98 pharmacies in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Tennessee and Mississippi. 


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