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Feb. 20, 2008


Schnucks Announces Plans to Build a Market Inside Ninth Street Garage

Greatly anticipated new store will cater to downtown residents and commuters


ST. LOUIS – Today, leaders of Schnuck Markets, Inc. announced plans to build a new, small urban food store and specialty market to serve residents and commuters in the heart of downtown St. Louis.  The new store, to be located on the lower level of the Ninth Street Garage, at the corner of 9th and Olive Streets (63101), could open in late 2008 or early 2009.

Schnucks Chairman and CEO Scott Schnuck said, “As a company, Schnucks has worked toward the growth and revitalization of downtown for some time now.  We have always looked for opportunities to serve customers in this market area.  A growing downtown population, potential for additional growth and redevelopment around our planned store site along with our partnership with state and local supporters are all indicators to us that the time is right for us to bring a new neighborhood store and new jobs to the City of St. Louis.”

Schnuck said the project is a team effort involving many state and local officials.  It started with an agreement crafted with the help of St. Louis Mayor Francis G. Slay, Comptroller Darlene Green and Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder of the Missouri Development Finance Board (MDFB) and MDFB Executive Director Robert (Bob) Miserez.

Under the agreement, Schnucks will lease the street-level retail portion of the Ninth Street Garage from the MDFB – the agency that built the garage, owns the property and is spearheading the entire Old Post Office development.  At this point, the project is contingent upon the Board of Aldermen’s passage of legislation allowing for reimbursement on a portion of the project costs over time. 

Schnuck said, “All those who have had a hand in getting us to this point are committed to bringing this new store to the City and have laid some very solid groundwork to help ensure everything proceeds smoothly.” 

Mayor Slay said, “More and more people are now calling downtown home.  One of the most frequent questions we hear from those considering downtown living is, ‘Where is the grocery store?’  We can now answer that question.  Downtown residents will now be able to find the same great Schnucks quality they have come to expect at a location within a few blocks from where they live.”

“This store will be a big draw for others considering downtown living,” Mayor Slay predicted.  “We are grateful to the Schnuck family for making this commitment and grateful to the Missouri Development Finance Board for developing the garage and making the space available for the Schnucks grocery.”

Lieutenant Governor Kinder said, “This development is an exciting step forward into the future of downtown St. Louis.  As the chairman of the Missouri Development Finance Board, I am excited by the prospect of new jobs and future economic development opportunities being brought downtown by the spearhead of this new Schnucks expansion.  Schnucks has been, and will continue to be, a model of successful entrepreneurship and superior customer service.  I join with Mayor Slay, Comptroller Green and Director Miserez in my gratitude for the Schnuck family and their commitment to the revitalization of downtown St. Louis.”

Comptroller Green added, “The City is excited to partner with Schnucks to bring a much needed grocery store and pharmacy to downtown.  The new and unique store will be a fantastic addition to downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods.”

Board of Alderman President Lewis Reed who will help move the new store plan on to the next phase agreed.  “It is encouraging for downtown to gain a new market for current and future residents.  Schnucks has been a long-time partner with the City and their investment will only improve our beautiful downtown area,” he said.  The proposed store is in the city’s 7th ward represented by Alderwoman Phyllis Young.

 Schnuck said this store will be a uniquely-designed fresh food market that will include a pharmacy for customers’ prescription and over-the-counter medicine needs.  “We’re hoping to build a two-level store, and the configuration of the space will allow for the creation of a cosmopolitan and urban feel along with amenities you won’t find anywhere else in St. Louis,” he said.

According to Schnuck, the store’s lower level will include approximately 20,800 square feet of fresh and specialty foods including natural and organics.  “Our customers will be able to do their complete food shopping in the new store,” he said. 

Additionally, it will include a floral shop, Kaldi’s Coffee bar, service meat and seafood departments and several prepared food stations including a salad bar, Asian hot-food bar, barbecue bar, pizza station, chef’s grill and a made-to-order sandwich shop.  Overhead, a 6,303-square-foot mezzanine will hold an extensive wine department with a tapas tasting area and seating space.  All of this will be built beneath ten stories of parking.

Schnuck leaders estimate the store could create approximately 60 new jobs in the City.  “Schnucks is committed to growing and to serving more customers in our hometown,” said Schnuck.  “As with any one of our new store projects, we will build this new downtown, neighborhood market to meet the lifestyles and budgets of all its customers.”

The downtown store will be the ninth Schnucks store in the City (65th in metropolitan St. Louis).  The company currently operates eight City stores making Schnucks one of the City’s largest retail partners.  Other locations include 3431 Union Blvd. (63115); 4127 N. Grand Blvd. (63107); 4171 Lindell Blvd. (63108); 5055 Arsenal Blvd. (63139); 3430 S. Grand Blvd. (63118); 60 Hampton Village (63109); 7450 Hampton Ave. (63109); 1020 Loughborough Ave. (63111). 

Founded in St. Louis in 1939, Schnuck Markets, Inc. operates a total of 103 stores (including five Logli stores) and 100 pharmacies in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Tennessee and Mississippi. 


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