Schnucks Press Releases
Media Contacts :
Lori Willis
Schnuck Markets, Inc

Date : June 09, 2008

Statement Regarding FDA Tomato Alert

            The Schnucks Food Safety team and experts in our produce departments are monitoring the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tomato alerts very closely.  You can be sure that all tomato products you see at your local Schnucks or Logli store are either locally grown or they are from approved geographic locations.  We have stopped all tomato deliveries from geographic areas that are currently on the FDA's watch list.  We will keep our customers posted through information we offer on our website and at store level.

              The advantage we have at Schnucks is that we have such a wide variety of tomato growers we can choose from at any given time.  Even with the precautionary moves to limit tomatoes from certain regions, we still have quite a bit of variety in our supply.

            For more information from the FDA, please visit