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Lori Willis
Schnuck Markets, Inc

Date : October 03, 2011

Schnucks Statement Regarding Cantaloupe Recall

ST. LOUIS – As the Jensen Farms cantaloupe recall continues to evolve, St. Louis-based Schnuck Markets, Inc. is issuing more details on Jensen Farms product distributed in two small shipments (644 total cases) in August.


Schnucks Vice President of Produce Mike O’Brien says, “The first Jensen Farms cantaloupe load (560 cases at nine cantaloupes per case) was delivered to the Schnucks produce warehouse on Aug. 20.  The second and final load (84 cases) was delivered on Aug. 25.  Both loads went out to stores immediately along with approximately 2000 cases (12 per case) of cantaloupes from other suppliers.”


According to O’Brien, cantaloupe has a shelf life of seven to 10 days.  “This means that Sept. 4-5 would have been the absolute latest date any of the recalled cantaloupes would have been available to our customers,” he said.  “We were not notified of the recall until Sept. 15.”


“At this time, we are backtracking through our distribution systems in an effort to pinpoint which stores received cantaloupe from Jensen Farms.  It is difficult attempting to trace one particular supplier’s load of cantaloupes among several suppliers and thousands of cases of cantaloupes, particularly when the notification came to us long after the product was out of commerce.  If we had received noticed earlier, we would have had a much better way of tracking this product,” O’Brien said.


The Jensen Farms Consumer line is 1-800-267-4561.  The email is

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