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Lori Willis
Schnuck Markets, Inc

Date : October 31, 2011

Schnucks Proactively Removes Items from Salad Bars in Light of Regional E. coli Outbreak

ST. LOUIS – Today, the St. Louis County Health Department announced that Schnucks stores were mentioned by some, but not all, of the patients interviewed in regard to an E. coli outbreak in the St. Louis region.


While Schnucks has not been identified as a source in the on-going investigation, Schnucks can confirm that Food Safety specialists have voluntarily and proactively removed all items in question from salad bars across the company including Logli and Hilander stores in Rockford, Ill.


To date, no tests taken from Schnucks stores have come back positive for E. coli and no original source has been pinpointed, but Schnucks Food Safety is taking every possible precaution.


Health officials report that Schnucks stores were mentioned during some of the recent patient food histories spanning 7 – 10 days.   This is not surprising in that Schnucks, by sheer number of stores (66), is the dominant salad bar operator in the St. Louis metropolitan area.


However, as more cases of E. coli are reported across the country and outside our area of operation, this would indicate that additional research is needed.  It’s important that health officials are able to target an item or items in order to track this outbreak back to a source.


In the meantime, Schnucks Food Safety and buying teams are in communication with all suppliers and are ready to assist in whatever way is needed.


If customers have any questions with regard to the E. coli outbreak, please contact the St. Louis County Health Department at 314-615-1600. 

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