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Date : December 06, 2011

Schnucks Pharmacies Invite Walgreens Customers in from the Cold

ST. LOUIS – Negotiations between pharmacy giants Express Scripts and Walgreens have stalled and no resolution is likely before the New Year – leaving nearly 250,000 families in the St. Louis area without a pharmacy care provider at the height of the cold and flu season.  Schnucks Pharmacies are hoping to help by ramping up staffing and services in order to meet the needs of any displaced Walgreens customers.


According to Schnucks Vice President of Pharmacy Mike Juergensmeyer, Schnucks is investing in service in a number of ways in order to handle the additional patients.  “We have already seen an uptick in pharmacy transfers.  We are taking steps now to hire and train additional pharmacy technicians in order to minimize wait times and ensure consistent high levels of customer service for current and new patients,” Juergensmeyer said.


“Due to the sheer numbers of potential new patients, it will be a challenge, but we have a number of innovations working in our favor,” Juergensmeyer said.  “A few years ago, Schnucks invested in a telephone ordering system that allows current patients to order refills in advance of their trip to the store.  Our internet ordering process is also an efficient and secure option.  In addition, we have a pharmacy support facility that will help our store teams handle the volume.”


Juergensmeyer said both Express Scripts and Walgreens are helping to ensure smooth transitions.  “It’s an unfortunate situation, and because it’s a matter of public health, it supersedes the issue of competition.  We are all working together to ensure that displaced families have the healthcare they need as we head into the cold and flu season,” he said.


According to Juergensmeyer, new patients can walk in and talk with their neighborhood Schnucks pharmacist to arrange for transfers or ask their physicians to call the pharmacy directly.  “We are also reaching out to physicians to ask for their help in ensuring smooth transitions for their patients.  Even so, first transactions may take a little longer.  After that, we will make the adjustments needed to keep all current and new patients happy and secure in the knowledge that they have a healthcare partner they can count on in Schnucks.”


Schnucks Pharmacies offer customers the following TIPS for reducing wait times:

  • Transfers can be done ahead of time; don’t wait until January.  Please call your Schnucks Pharmacy today and we will do the rest!
  • Internet is an easy way to enter multiple existing Schnucks refill orders.
  • Phone your Schnucks refills in a day ahead so they are ready when you arrive. Phone numbers can be found on your Rx bottle.
  • Sign up for Auto-Refills today!  Ask your Schnucks pharmacist for details.  
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