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Lori Willis
Schnuck Markets, Inc

Date : December 07, 2011

CDC Concludes Recent E. coli Outbreak Appears Over

Traceback leads to one batch of romaine lettuce


ST. LOUIS – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today announced that Missouri’s E. coli outbreak “appears over” and that romaine lettuce contaminated prior to distribution was the cause of recent E. coli-related illnesses.


The findings, posted on the CDC website, were the results of two months of investigation and testing on the part of local, state and federal health officials.  Initial tests centered on leafy lettuce, ground beef, chicken and products previously associated with E. coli.


Although no tests were positive for E. coli, the CDC believes romaine lettuce consumed between Oct. 5 and 24 was the contaminant.  The outbreak was tracked back to a single lot of romaine lettuce harvested by a single farm.


The CDC report states that the majority of people in early interviews had eaten lettuce that could statistically be linked to nine locations in what was referred to as “grocery store Chain A.”


Absent any food safety violations or positive tests results, the CDC declined to name the grocer or the supplier.  However, leaders of Schnuck Markets, Inc. are confirming that Schnucks is the entity referred to by the CDC as “grocery store Chain A,” but for the same reasons provided by the CDC, Schnucks declined to name the supplier.


The CDC is not advising consumers to avoid eating any specific foods at this time.


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