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Schnuck Markets, Inc
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Date : May 03, 2013

Cargill Withdraws Beef Sold to Schnucks

ST. LOUIS – As a precautionary measure, Wichita-based Cargill Beef is requesting that 106 boxes of ground beef shipped to the warehouse of Schnuck Markets, Inc. be withdrawn from commerce due to a quality issue.  

Cargill suspects a bright green; rubber glove may have been ground into product used to create a number of other beef products.  This material is easily visible and poses no health threat.  Again, this withdrawal is a precautionary measure.

Schnucks, Logli and Hilander shoppers should check for the following items purchased over the past three days, April 30 – May 2, 2013:

  • Ground Chuck 
  • Chuck patties
  • Loaded burgers
  • Chili meat
  • Meat loaf
  • Meat balls

Schnucks, Logli and Hilander Customers may return any unused product to their nearest store for a full refund.  If you have any questions, please contact Cargill Consumer Affairs at 1-877-596-4069 or, e-mail

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