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Date : December 04, 2008

American Shopper Introduces Aisling to the World in Schnucks Store in Columbia, Mo.

Available on DVD at a Schnucks store near you            

Columbia, Mo. – A debut sport has been introduced in Missouri – the competitive and stylistic sport of Aisling.  Directors Tamas Bojtor and Sybil Dessau document the 1st National Aisling Championship held at a Schnucks store in Columbia, Mo. The contest, which featured dozens of Schnucks shoppers dancing in the aisles for a chance to win the $10,000 prize, is featured in their hybrid-documentary, American Shopper.  The film, now out on DVD from Cinema Libre, is available at a special introductory price at select Schnucks stores for $9.99 while supplies last.  Standard retail price is $24.95.  Bonus features include an official aisling demonstration video & rulebook, deleted scenes, a trailer and much more.                       

Bojtor and Dessau created the idea of “aisling” and wanted to introduce the sport and document the story of the competitors.  They chose Jonathan Gotsick to play the role of aisling inventor, Jonathan Sawyer.  The film mixes fictional and documentary elements and the events that transpired are all real and unscripted.                        

“The film had no script,” admits Bojtor.  “We filmed almost 200 hours and allowed the story to naturally unravel.  From our backgrounds of working on documentaries, we knew the story would be carried by the strength of the characters, which went beyond the humor of trying wheelies in the aisles – everyone had a story, a dream, a regret or a fantasy.”  Co-director Dessau adds, “Training for the aisling championship was a metaphor for challenging themselves in other realms of their lives.”                       

American Shopper has earned rave reviews from audiences and critics. Indiewire calls American Shopper “Truly funny and surprisingly touching, the film is a perfect example of a hybrid doc.”                       

Review DVDs as well as director and cast interviews are available by contacting Fat Dot at 212-691-4224. 

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About American ShopperAmerican Shopper is a hybrid documentary* that documents the introduction of “Aisling,” a new supermarket sport that promotes self-expression through creative shopping, and, in a larger sense, celebrates the human desire to rise above the ordinary.  It follows eight “aislers” as they modify shopping carts, create costumes and rehearse routines in preparation for the 1st National Aisling Championship that was held in Columbia, Missouri.  Through their journeys, the competitors reveal their reasons for why they “aisle,” which go beyond the competition.  For some, “aisling” can be a way to break away from life-long patterns, for others it’s a path to redemption and realizing their full potential. For more information, visit: 

* hybrid documentary:  a film that combines documentary techniques with elements found in narrative films.  American Shopper combines a lead actor with a cast of non-actors who tell their stories as they would in a conventional documentary.