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Date : March 10, 2009

Barramundi Swims Into Schnucks

Just in time for Lent – popular Australian fish is earning raves for its mouth-watering taste, health benefits and ocean-friendly pedigree            

ST. LOUIS – There’s a new fish in town, and you’ll find it at Schnucks and Logli stores.  Barramundi recently swam into the seafood departments of Schnucks stores courtesy of Australis Aquaculture, a Massachusetts company that is revolutionizing the fish farming industry with its eco-friendly practices.            

Prized in its native Australia and Southeast Asia, barramundi has a sweet buttery flavor comparable to red snapper, sea bass and other premium white fish.  Schnucks Seafood Category Manager Steve Disko says, “Our customers are responding well to the versatility of this fish.  Barramundi can be baked, broiled, sautéed or grilled in minutes.  It’s mild enough to shine in simple preparations yet robust enough to pair with other foods; plus there are no little pin bones to worry about.”                         

Australis Vice President of Marketing Carol Devine says, “Our frozen product is raised in barramundi’s native and pristine salt waters.  We never use hormones, antibiotics, additives or preservatives, and 100% of our product is tested to guarantee it is safe and free of contaminants.  Heart-healthy omega-3s, low saturated fat and lean protein make Australis Barramundi the perfect fish for those who are looking for healthy food choices.  We consider it ‘The Better Fish®.’  It’s better tasting than other white fish; it’s better for you and your family’s health, and it’s better for our environment.”            

Schnucks and Logli customers can look for special savings on barramundi and recipe cards for healthy meal solutions.  Australis Barramundi is available in convenient 12 oz. bags – enough for a family of two-three.  Fillets are hand cut, individually vacuum packed and flash frozen to lock in flavor and freshness.  It’s on special buy for $7.99 at all stores.

“As temperatures outside start to warm up, try grilling the frozen barramundi and serving with a side of your favorite grilled vegetables,” said Disko.  “It’s great for outdoor entertaining because it’s an affordable entrée that tastes great and grills up fast.”

Australis Aquaculture, Ltd. (ASX: AAQ) is an award-winning provider of healthy, sustainable seafood, marketed under the banner of The Better Fish®, Better Tasting, Better For You, Better For Our Environment.  The Company spearheaded the introduction of barramundi as a growing culinary trend in North America, and has since expanded its product line to include Authentic Basa and Swai.  Australis is a recognized leader in sustainable aquaculture through its pioneering practices in recirculating technology, and has production and sourcing operations in Massachusetts and Southeast Asia. The company won the coveted Australian Sustainability Award, and its US-Farmed barramundi is recognized as a “Best Choice” for sustainability by the all of the major consumer seafood guides. For more information, go to:

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Simple Lemon Butter Barramundi

Serves 4. Total prep & cook time: 10 minutes 

4 Australis Barramundi fillets

1 teaspoon olive or canola oil

2 tablespoons butter

1 clove garlic, minced

3 tablespoons fresh or bottled lemon juice

4-6 leaves fresh basil, minced (or ¾ tsp dry)

Salt to taste 

Gently sauté the garlic in butter for about two minutes. Stir in lemon juice and basil. Add salt to taste.  Remove from heat. Coat fillets with olive or canola oil. Pan fry one side on high heat for three minutes. Flip and cook other side one-two more minutes or until fish is cooked through.  Transfer to serving dish. Spoon sauce over fillets.   

Serving Suggestion: Server on a bed of mashed potatoes or greens, and add chopped fresh tomatoes for color.