Chairman's Message
Scott Schnuck

Greetings to our Valued Customers!

      Thank you for visiting the Schnucks website and for allowing me an opportunity to provide a glimpse of what’s new and innovative at your local Schnucks store! 
As chairman and CEO, it is my prerogative to let you in on a little secret – your Schnucks store is not the same store it used to be.  We are changing to meet the needs of today’s family – we are changing for you.
      Since 1939, we have worked very hard to provide quality products, variety, value and that same friendly service that inspired my father, Don, and uncle, Ed, to label us the “Friendliest Stores in Town.”  We are proud of what we have been able to offer you in the past, but there is much more to come.
      Today, our company employs more than 15,000 associates including experts in every aspect of the food business.  They are all committed to becoming your family’s own, personal resource on food, culinary arts and health and wellness.  You can always access food information on the Schnucks website, but it’s always good to know that you can still come to Schnucks and talk face-to-face with one of our expert associates to find out more about the food you buy, cook and serve to your family.  
      On any trip to your neighborhood Schnucks, you will find information on the more than 50,000 different products we carry along with recipes, demonstrations or suggestions on how to cook them.  You can look to us to learn about nutritional value, country of origin labeling, organic foods, food safety and more.  If you need information, please stop the nearest associate and ask.  He or she will be able to direct you to the appropriate resource.  It’s almost like having professional chefs walking along side you as you shop!
      We continuously strive to be competitively priced, but we have recently taken our value promise to customers to new lows!  Over the past two years, associates have worked hard to help us operate our business in a leaner, more efficient way in order to provide you with the very lowest prices we can.   
      Yes, there are many exciting changes underway at Schnucks but one thing remains the same – our value promise to you.  You will find the same upscale offerings along with discount pricing including our newest “gift” to you – the Free Generic Antibiotic Prescription Program.  I believe that this program, a complement to our new low pricing on the grocery side, is the most important service we have been able to provide to our pharmacy customers in a very long time.
      We continue to receive great feedback from local doctors who are pleased to offer this service to their patients.  Some customers have called or written to express their appreciation for how Schnucks is making it easy to care for their family’s health and welfare. 
Whatever your family wants or needs from a neighborhood grocery store you will find at Schnucks.   Speaking on behalf of all Schnucks associates, please know it is our pleasure and privilege to serve you.  We welcome your input on how we might be a better partner to you in the future.  Thank you for choosing Schnucks!
 Scott C. Schnuck            
Scott. C. Schnuck
Chairman and CEO

About Schnuck Markets

The Secret of Our Success
Teammates of Schnuck Markets, Inc. have been serving customers a unique combination of quality food, variety and value for more than seven decades.  Founded in north St. Louis in 1939, the family-owned grocery company has grown to include 100 stores in five states: Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Iowa.  To find the closest store to you please visit our store directory.

Our Growth

Edwin and Anna Schnuck
"The seeds for the Schnucks of today were sown in 1937, when Edwin H. Schnuck started his own wholesale meat business.  Two years later, his wife, Anna, opened the family’s first retail store – a confectionery in north St. Louis.  Their oldest son, Edward (Ed), followed his parents’ lead and also opened a corner store in the area.  Soon after, two additional stores were opened by second child, Annette, and her husband, Raymond Hanhardt, and their third child, Donald (Don), with his wife, Doris.  While separate enterprises, the four Schnuck families operated as one when it came to corporate philosophy, advertising and buying.

Schnucks Manchester

By 1947, the families had opened seven retail grocery stores among them.  Ed sold his stores to join his father in the business he had established at 4356 Manchester in St. Louis.  Later Don and Doris sold their store to assist in the acquisition of a second major grocery location in the St. Louis suburb of Brentwood.
Those two locations became the nucleus of the company today.  In 1952, Edwin and his two sons incorporated as Schnuck Markets, Inc.  They had learned a lot about managing a grocery store from serving independent grocers in their wholesale meat business. That experience also gave them a solid foundation for developing the outstanding meat departments for which Schnucks is still known today.
Schnucks also became known for the friendliness of our teammates.  The friendly atmosphere of the stores so delighted customers that they frequently wrote enthusiastic letters and shared genuine compliments about teammates with Schnucks managers.  In 1961, Schnucks adopted the slogan “The Friendliest Stores In Town” to highlight what our customers felt was our primary strength.


Schnucks Dellwood

By the late 1960s, Schnucks was operating 10 modern, state-of-the-art stores in the St. Louis area. The times were revolutionary!  Schnucks was the first major food retailer in the St. Louis area to drop popular trading stamps and replace them with “The Price Revolution” campaign that substituted lower prices for trading stamps.  A new symbol accompanied this theme – our friendly saluting soldier – which is still one of the most recognized corporate logos in St. Louis.

Diversifying Our Operations
In the late 1960s, on the verge of tremendous growth, Schnucks opened the first warehouse for produce and high-volume grocery items.  The location and size of our distribution facilities have grown through the years to serve the needs of more and more customers shopping at an expanding array of stores.  Owning and operating our own distribution facilities enables us to provide better service when it comes to delivering the products our customers want when they want them. 
1970 was a year of growth!  Schnucks opened a new grocery warehouse facility with the capacity to handle future growth.  Later that year, that growth occurred more rapidly than anticipated when Schnucks acquired the Bettendorf-Rapp chain of stores in St. Louis and more than doubled store count overnight.  That purchase put Schnucks in a position to serve a greater number of customers throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Schnucks Wallgreens

As the needs of customers changed, Schnucks became a leader in developing combination food and drug stores beginning in the mid 1970s.  These full-service food and drug stores offered customers the convenience of more products and services under one roof.  We remain committed to this format today as we continually add and modify the exact product mix in each store to match our customers’ desires.

In our ongoing effort to offer unique, high quality products to our customers, we began adding manufacturing facilities to our operations in 1961 with the opening of our first bakery plant.  In the early 1990s, we consolidated our food preparation in one central USDA-inspected kitchen where entrees, side dishes, salads and smokehouse specialty items are prepared for retail sale in our deli and Chef’s Express departments. Our manufacturing operations have relocated through the years to accommodate growth and gain the advantage of technological advancements and innovations which help us better serve our customers.
The Schnuck Family

The 1980s and 90s also marked a transition in leadership at Schnucks from the second generation of the Schnuck family to the third.  Overseeing operations of the company today are the six children of Don and Doris: Scott, Todd, Craig, Mark, Terry and Nancy.





Dramatic Growth & Opportunity
1995 was another banner year for Schnucks.  In June, Schnucks acquired 57 stores from National Supermarkets, our single largest competitor in the St. Louis metropolitan area. 

In 1998, we entered the Rockford, Ill. market with the acquisition of Logli Supermarkets. Being family owned, there were many similarities between Logli and Schnucks, which facilitated the transition for Logli customers and teammates.

In 2005, Schnucks opened the first Iowa store in Bettendorf offering savings, service and selection to the Quad Cities community.  At Schnucks, growth and change are two constants.  As our customers change, we change to meet their needs.  As the neighborhoods we serve grow, we grow with them.
Schnucks Store

To better compete in the Rockford market, Schnucks acquired seven area Hilander stores from The Kroger Company in 2011.   Schnucks now operates 11 supermarkets in that area.

With the past as a predictor of the future, we can count on ongoing growth and change at Schnucks.  One thing will never change – our recognition that our customers are our reason for being.  Every position in the company exists to help us understand, serve and satisfy our customers.

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